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Soft Skills: What are They & Why Do I Need Them?

At the beginning of each year, I survey my high school classes to determine what they would like to learn about during our weekly social thinking lessons. I am always delighted to find that teenagers, without fail, are interested in learning how to be successful at a job. They expect me to teach them skills… Continue reading Soft Skills: What are They & Why Do I Need Them?

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Attitude-We’ve All Got One

Let's face it, as teens, we all had an attitude at one time or another. As we age, we realize that attitude is often a better predictor of success than nearly any other measure. This is perfectly summed up in a famous quote by Charles Swindoll that reads: "The longer I live, the more I… Continue reading Attitude-We’ve All Got One

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Customized Books

Hello, everyone. Happy Fall! We are entering that time of year where holiday's come one right after the other. It is fun to provide therapy during this time because the holidays are so motivating for our students and we all know motivation is half the battle! If you haven't heard of Tar Heel reader, you're… Continue reading Customized Books