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Teaching AAC- For Parents

Before I jump into the specifics of the Lamp Words for Life program or ProloQuo2Go, let’s take a minute to learn how to model/teach the use of ANY communication devices.

Strategy #1: Aided Language Stimulation

No matter what speech-generating program your child is using, the key to great learning is through the use of aided language stimulation. There is an excellent light-hearted cartoon available on YouTube that explains the what and why of aided language stimulation.

Aided language stimulation (ALS) is a communication strategy, where a communication partner points at the symbols on the communication device while simultaneously saying the vocabulary they are pointing to. According to an article published on PrACCtical AAC, research supports the use of this evidence-based practice.

Strategy #2: Follow Your Child’s Lead

Following your child’s lead means to be present, observant and responsive to what your child is showing an interest in.

The following is a handout about how to successfully follow your child’s lead when looking for those at the moment, meaningful communication opportunities.


The Genius Augmentative & Alternative Communication team created an amazing manual for caregivers supporting those using augmentative communication. Their team consists of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and therapeutic assistants that specialize in augmentative communication.

 Manual-AAC-for-Caregivers-2019 (1)

They did such an amazing job on their manual that continuing this blog with the steps for teaching AAC would be redundant.

Also, visit their website which includes a calendar of daily activities to do at home, literacy instruction, social skills and much, much more. Follow this link Genesis for a wealth of information.