Therapy Resources

Making Teaching Easier

It’s hard to believe that I began as an SLP before you could just look up a resource on the internet and press print. Before iPad’s were widely used in therapy let alone as a speech generating device. Before websites contained free educational resources reducing the need for print material.  How did I ever survive? LOL

I’ve been collecting useful educational and speech-language pathology websites for years. I thought it might be nice to share some of them with you. As a speech-language pathologist, I am typically thinking about communication but many of these sites also contain a variety of subjects so don’t dismiss one before checking it out.

  1. Fun Brain this site contains educational games, videos, books, math zone, and even a playground.
  2. Free Fun Files Calls itself “the worlds weirdest hangout” this site changes its stories daily. Offering fun and interesting news stories on kid-friendly subjects like space, aliens, zombies, the FBI and a plethora of other topics.
  3. Gamequarium Fun learning site for teachers and students featuring thousands of free educational games and activities that are organized by subject, topic, theme, and grade.
  4. Parts of Speech Game  Offering activities for Pre-k thru 5th grade, in the form of an asteroids type game. A great way to learn those “boring” parts of speech.
  5. Kahoot I love Kahoot so much I wrote a post about it. Kahoot is a platform that allows you to create learning games for your classroom. Fun, easy and best of all FREE!
  6. Jeopardy Labs  Create your own Jeopardy game, without powerpoint, or search the games created by others.
  7. Tar Heel Reader Create books or search the wide variety of books created by others. Easy to use, after you register.
  8. Class Hook easily finds educational videos from TV shows and movies to use in your lessons. You can limit your search by grade level, length of the video and search by topic. Love, Love, Love it!
  9. Speech & Language Resources  A ton of information, ideas, and resources about all aspects of speech and language. A MUST visit.
  10. Age Calculator for all of my friends conducting assessments on a regular basis, I know you know how to calculate exact age but if you get a case of the lazy’s like me sometimes, this simple site will compute it for you.
  11. Children’s Books for Speech Looking for a book that targets a specific concept? This is the site for you. Search for books by age, theme, story plot, narrative, grammar, rhyme, and sound awareness.  Incredibly helpful!
  12. Therapy Ideas for Adolescents Let’s face it, the little ones are easier because they like just about anything. However, if you try to carry some of these activities over to your middle school and high school kids you’re likely to hear “This is for little kids.” This site is chock full of ideas for young adults.
  13. AAC Boards I love AAC! This site from the University of New Mexico is AWE-some! They have created printable low-tech AAC boards for a ton of books such as Dr. Seuss, Dora, Clifford and so on. These will save you a ton of time!
  14. AAC Resources This fabulous site has forms, forms, forms. Forms for data collection, forms for technical support, forms for AAC team building and more!
  15. Social Skills Videos  My second love after teaching AAC is Social Skills. This site as a fantastic list of videos that can be used when teaching social skills such as; body language, dealing with loss, being competitive and a whole lot more.
  16. Zone of Regulation Video’s  Let’s face it, kids tune in to electronics and video clips. Using video’s is a great way to hook your audience.  This site provides not only video clips for each zone but lesson plans, flashcards, sensory tools and more. All in a printable format. Enjoy!

This is far from an exhaustive list of all of the wonderful resources that are available for educators. These just happen to be the ones I like well enough to have bookmarked on my computer. I hope that you find something new that you can use. Until next time, work smarter not harder.